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Digital Discography

Don't Shoot Tha Messenger
G'sta x DJ Blaknificent

A collaboration Mixtape released on the 10th Anniv. of Hurricane Katrina.

Babylon Beware - Single*
G'sta (feat. Ras Indio)

A collaboration with Ras Indio that appeared on the WC3 Mixtape.

I Be On My S*** - Single*

Another Single from the forthcoming album Classic Status.

I'mma Classic - Single*

The Debut Single from the forthcoming album Classic Status. Also available in the Video section.

The Walking Classic, Vol. 3

G'sta uses original tracks this time, to round out the Walking Classic triliogy.

The Walking Classic, Vol. 2

G'sta once again shows his freestyle skills over his favorite 90's joints. Released on Black Friday 2011.

The Walking Classic, Vol. 1

G'sta shows he can flow with versatilty. Going hard over his favorites from the 80's.

Blood, Sweat & Redemption

This 2010 Mixtape features guest appearances by 2Pac, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Tha Outlawz.

We Workin' *
G'sta & Layzie

A full-length collaboration album between G'sta and one of his BNTH homies, Layzie Bone.

World of Syn (Classic Series)*
G'sta & Casual-T

The second Studio LP re-released. Produced by G'sta.

Misery (Classic Series)*

G'sta's first Studio LP, re-released. Written and produced by G'sta.

Crowned - EP*
Copious Green

This 5-track EP is her first studio release. Written by Copious Green and produced by G'sta.